2013 HUD Grant Review

We would like to thank the following organizations for their willingness to submit an application again this year.

The grant committee met on Thursday and ranked the projects.Based on everyone’s willingness to make reductions in their budget requests, we will be able to include all four renewal projects in Tier 1 of the 2013 CoC Application. I have confirmed with HUD that we are allowed to do this with the understanding that if we reduce these budgets we will not be able to increase them at a later date.

The totals for the three permanent supportive housing projects were within one point of one another. The Ratings are as follows:

1) HMIS Renewal
2) LifeStream’s Hope House Renewal*
3) Lake County Shelter Plus Care Renewal
4) Citrus County Shelter Plus Care Renewal

*LifeStream’s Renewal will only be able to be submitted if they are able to get the Contract for the 2012 executed with a date of 12/31/13 prior to our submission of the CoC grant. They are working on this.

The procedure for the Review Process and Scoring Sheet can be located under Informational PDFs.
HUD CoC Grant Scoring 2013